Ínségdombi Puli Kennel


Our kennel

In 2008, I decided to deal with this traditional Hungarian breed seriously.

My goal was to have healthy puppies with good temperament and with appropriate fur in my breeding stock.

The Kennel's founding members:
Ludas Matyi Zápor - black female (Mázlika)
Nyírségfia Békés - black female (Mufurc)
Vajáni Szöszi - masked female (Vakkancs)

Breeder Turkáné Baráth Éva helped me with her patience and experience at the birth of the first Ínségdomb litter. Kondorosi Fürtös Dani (a male Puli with excellent abilities and results) came from her breeding stock.

Some more members of the Kennel:

On 4th March 2011, the first Ínségdomb litter was born from the pair of Nyírségfia Békés and Kondorosi Fürtös Dani.
1 male (Ínségdombi Avar) and
2 female (Ínségdombi Akác and Aszú)

On 14th May 2011, another litter was born from the pair of Ludas Matyi Zápor and Kondorosi Fürtös Dani.
2 male(Ínségdombi Betyár and Benő )
1 female (Ínségdombi Barka) They are already in their new home with loving owners.

In 2011, the Kennel was extended with another Hungarian type; in August Téglási Szélbori Dalma ,in December Gerendási Rajkó Gyöngyvér Komondor female arrived to the Kennel.

In 2012, we were happy to have three litters:
"C" litter from Rackaörző Rege and Ludas Matyi Zápor
"D" litter from Rackaörző Rege and Nyírségfia Békés
"E" litter from Nyírségfia Pamacs and Vaján Szöszi

Two of these puppies remained in our Kennel: Ínségdombi Cipó black and Ínségdombi Dió masked male Pulis.

In the future we would like to introduce an exotic bloodline to the breeding stock, so in the summer of 2012 Góbéfalvi Jocó (Jankó) masked male Puli found a new home in our kennel.


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