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Ínségdombi kennel My name is György Tímándi. I live in Nyíregyháza which is the seat of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County in Hungary.
I spent all my childhood in Nagykálló.

My attachment to Puli dogs started when I was a little boy. One day my father surprised me and my brother with two beautiful Puli puppies. Our happiness was indescribable. We used to spend lots of time with the dogs on Ínségdomb (hillock) which is one of the sights of Nagykálló. This hill has got an unordinary history:

It was the year of 1780. In this year there was a single story country-house built with arcade and mansard roof for Kállay Ferenc who was the landlord of Little Kálló. This house was called "castle" by the people from the neighbourhood. In those days people who wanted to follow the fashion had to have a look-out in their garden.

In that year a big drought destroyed the crop so inhabitants were starving. People of Kálló sent a delegate to landlord Kállay to borrow some wheat. Finally, the landlord lent wheat and people had to give it back from the crop of the following year. As a form of interest, they had to build a look-out in his garden. But there was a condition: the whole hill had to be made using human power and drought animals were not allowed to be used. It came to pass that men with barrows or with sack on their backs, woman with dough baskets or with wash tubs, girls in their aprons and little boys with their fathers’ hat carried the sand to the hill until it became 12 meters high. On the top of it there was a wooden look-out.